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Protecting your family is foremost in most parents minds, making sure there are measures in place to look after your family financially should you die or become ill suddenly, this is placing a proper value on your life and the income your life produces.  When families are young and possibly asset poor it makes so much sense to have Life Assurance and Serious Illness Cover, this is also a time when health is generally good and and premiums are relatively inexpensive.

Your income will most likely be your most valuable asset, it provides you and your family with a certain quality of life and without it your family may have a difficult time financially.  Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection Cover are two products than can be used seperately or together to provide an income in the event you are unable to work through accident or illness.

Personal debt and inheritance tax are very real problems for families, personal debt gets passed on the surviving spouse and needs measures in place to protect the survivor in much the same way inheritance tax must be payed by a survivor..

Post Author: Stephen Fallon

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