1. Fill out Data Capture : This saves time and reduces the cost of implementing a plan, only enter what is relevant to your circumstances & what your priorities are,
  2. Have a meeting: Once we have received a completed a data catpure form, highlighting areas you wish to diiscuss, we can than arrange a meeting
  3. Recommendation: Based on the information in the data catpure & from meeting you, we will then provide you with a recomendation, our fees for implimenting a coures of action will be included in the recommendation
  4. Impliment Plan: Should you wish to go with our recomendation or a variation of our recommendation, we shall then implement this action
  5. Review Plan; Our ideal review would be annually, however in some cases this is not enough and some cases every other year is ok. This is at your own discression, however as life is in a constant state of flux any less than every other year will not have the desired outcome.